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Cherisse Amusa

On the couch

Therapy services by Cherisse Amusa


Services: Relationship Therapy

If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, you may find it hard to connect, share intimacy or be close to others. You might experience trust issues in relationships, or you may struggle to communicate your feelings to feel heard, acknowledged, and understood. You may have struggled with the end of a relationship, relationship breakdown, whether with a partner, a family member, close friend, or colleague. Relationship difficulties can cause you to doubt yourself and feel that you are unworthy of happiness and affect self-esteem. I have experience supporting individuals to explore their relationships more closely and process difficult emotions that they may not be able to do with parties involved. I have experience working with victims and individuals who have committed domestic violence and offer a non-judgmental approach in this area.

Services: Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is a normal human emotion and natural response to life events; it allows us to be alert to threats, motivates us to act, and improves performance. Everyone experiences anxiety to greater or lesser degrees, and although it is unpleasant, it is usually fleeting. However, when anxiety persists over an extended period, it can be incapacitating. Depression is one of the most common mental health problems. Long-term depression can affect the ability to function and carry out basic life activities. I have experience working with social phobias, stress management and obsessive compulsive behaviour. My practice involves working with clients experiencing depression and anxiety, struggling with life transitions, feeling “stuck”, or seeking self-improvement.

Services: Therapy for Identity Issues

I am committed to Ethnic & LGBTQ + equality and support all expressions of ethnic & gender identity. Inclusive & Culturally Identity can be complex and bewildering for many people, particularly for the LGBTQ+, Black, Asian, Mixed Heritage & Persons of Colour. These groups may often experience barriers to accessing mental health due to stigma, shame, family influence, and/or fear of not being understood.I have experience working with identity issues and enjoy supporting individuals in exploring and making sense of who they are in the world.

Services: Transactional Analysis Therapy

Transactional Analysis is a model of understanding relationships and interactions. It is a form of psychology that promotes personal change. It is a useful therapy to help understand and improve communication in relationships. Transactional Analysis identifies three ego states when understanding personality. Ego states are consistent patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Transactional Analysis Therapy can be applied to many types of problems.

Services: Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy is a combined approach to different forms of therapy. During this process, the therapist works to make a therapy program that suits your individual needs and issues. Integrative Psychotherapy will draw from therapeutic techniques from various  schools of therapy: Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ] and Humanistic approaches such as Person-Centred Counselling.

Services: Online & Telephone Therapy

Online therapy is cost-effective, convenient. Flexible services to meet the needs of those working from home and unable to travel. Clients can negotiate timings. It eliminates the possible transmission of diseases such as Covid-19 and can provide reassurance in feeling safe and having therapy from the comfort of your home. There are no significant differences between the effectiveness of remote, especially  online and phone calls, and face-to-face evidence-based interventions.

Cherisse Amusa