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Cherisse Amusa

On the couch

About Me

Hi, I’m Cherisse.

An MBACP registered Integrative Psychotherapist working with adults.

In 2019, after four years of training, I obtained my qualification as a Psychotherapist, specialising in Transactional Analysis.

I wasn't always a therapist

My first degree was a BA in Criminology and Cultural Studies. After completing this, I worked with individuals in residential drug rehabilitation units and secure inpatient settings.During my late 20’s, I trained to be a Probation Officer working in various locations in Manchester, Sheffield and London. Experiencing both Northern and Southern parts of the UK has been challenging and exciting fun for me; I have also met many great people along the way. I practised as a Probation Officer for 10 years and continued to do this throughout my therapy training.

Delivering Groups

I have delivered Practice Development Groups for Probation Staff for HMPPS on improving engagement in clients.

Special Interests

I have a keen interest in working with Inter-generational Trauma, Identity and Attachment issues. I enjoy energy healing, creativity and mindfulness and sometimes apply these practices with clients I work with. Since qualifying, I have used my combined knowledge and experience to set up my private practice based in Manchester City Centre and work both in person and on a virtual basis with my clients, providing a fully confidential, safe, and supportive space with a welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental approach.

Cherisse Amusa Manchester Counselling

Current Training

I enjoy learning and personal development. I am currently studying towards my MSc in Psychology.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S.LEWIS

Cherisse Amusa Manchester Counselling